Reminder: Law 4.2 Wearing of Headscarf

October 7, 2016 in News

Just to advise that headscarves are now permitted under Law 4.2 Special Additional Items for Women.

Law 4.2 (c) Headscarves, providing they do not cause a danger to the wearer or other players and do not contravene Regulation 12. 

Key points for referees:

  • For safety and to help avoid accidental removal, the headscarf should be tucked inside the collar of the wearers jersey.
  • The face must not be covered to aid recognition of suspected concussion.
  • The headscarf must not have any sharp or abrasive components, Law 4.4 (b).
  • Should headscarf become contaminated with blood it must be removed / replaced, Law 4.4 (a) & Law 4.6.
  • Jewellery must not be worn underneath headscarf, Law 4.4 (d).
  • “Scrum caps”, if worn, must be worn externally to headscarf.
  • Inspection of players clothing is covered in Law 4.5.
  • Grabbing / Pulling of the headscarf should be managed / sanctioned as a high tackle, Law 10.4 (e).