Presidents Address

Message From The President

Fellow members, I am honoured to address you as President of Leinster Rugby Referees 2023/2024.

This great sport unites us all and rugby is more than just a game it teaches us discipline, teamwork and respect. As referees, we play a vital role in upholding the integrity of our sport, ensuring fair play, inclusivity and keeping the spirit of rugby alive.

The safety and well-being of players is our top priority, and your Executive Committee under my stewardship will work tirelessly to minimise the risk of injury through improved refereeing standards to keep the physicality and integrity of our sport intact.

To that end I will ensure that we continue to invest in the training and development of referees at all levels and through this encourage more individuals to take up the whistle, ensuring a steady supply of qualified officials of all genders to support participation in rugby throughout the province. As an association we will continue to embrace technology to enhance the officiating process and continue to invest in video assistance, Coms and other tools to assist you as referees in making accurate decisions.

I always considered refereeing to be more than a just a hobby; it's a community and I aim to continue to foster an atmosphere of inclusivity, camaraderie and belonging amongst all our members. I look forward to meeting you all throughout the season and together we can ensure that rugby continues to inspire and unite us all.

Thank you again for your confidence in me and it is truly a huge honour to be elected as your President. I can assure you that any decision I take will be guided by the values and spirit of this great game.

Tom Tuohy

President 2023-24

Association of Referees Leinster Branch.