Expense details and guidance are provided hereafter. Underlying the responsible administration of the policies, it is important that appropriate records of official member appointments and participation are retained at all times so that on demand evidence is available.

Expenses may be claimed for Matches only.


The Leinster Rugby Referees (LRR), under the guidance of the Leinster Branch, will reimburse members for reasonable mileage expenses incurred for all official appointments. Official appointments include those made by Senior and Junior Selection, Area Reps, Assessor Selection, Referee Administrator.

(a) Individuals may be appointed as:
– Referee,
– Sub-referee,
– Touch judge,
– Fourth official
– Fifth official,
– Referee Liaison
– Evaluator/Mentor*

*In a similar way, these guidelines apply to the appointment of Evaluators/Mentors. The discharge of expenses will not be completed until the related reports have been submitted and filed on the system.

(b) Matches covered:

All-Ireland League

All Leinster Branch official league and cup competitions

Age Grade games – subject to LRR official appointment

School games – subject to LRR official appointment

Sevens competitions for which the LRR makes appointments

Any such fixtures to which the LRR makes appointments from time to time

To ensure compliance with prudent financial management practice, where appointments are made by Area Reps, it is a requirement that they provide the Referee Administrator and the Hon Treasurer with timely details of all such appointments.

Please note


    1. Expenses are calculated directly from Sportslomo
    2. As of now the rate is 31.5 cent per km.
    3. Expenses must be submitted as requested by the Treasurer, usually December, March/April. Expenses may not be carried over from each expense period. This is to cut down on the delays in dealing with a substantial number of claims at the end of the season and the major cost to the Branch at that time.
    4. Only matches that appear in your online appointments record may be claimed for.
    5. Venue for game must be as per appointments from the Referee Coordinator.
    6. All expenses  queries to be sent to Honorary Treasurer.