Competition Regulations

January 27, 2016 in News

Please ensure that you are up to date with all Competitions Regulations as issued by the Leinster Branch Competitions Committee. I would suggest that you print and heat seal/laminate a copy of this document to be kept in your kit bag.

However, as there are in all 39 Regulations, I would also advise that if you are assigned to a match, as referee, touch judge, assessor or coach, which is not at your normal or familiar level, or is in a different competition, that it would be prudent, before going to your match to access the relevant competition regulations on the ARLB web site.

These can be found on the Leinster Rugby Referees website by clicking on “Resources”and then on Competition Regulations and choosing between :
Clubs Competitions regulations

Women’s Regulations

Youths and minis Regs.

Schools Regulations

May we take this opportunity to, once again state how importantly the Assessors and Selectors regard your attendance at the Area Laws Meetings, and be aware that your progress on the pathway may be negatively impacted upon by poor attendance.