Annual Dinner

March 15, 2018 in News

As you know, we regard our Annual Dinner as one of the main highlights of our year.   It is a celebration of the 2017/18 season that, so far at least, has been very successful for the ARLB.  That success is entirely down to your efforts, both on and off the pitch.  The Dinner is also where we get to meet up with the other members of OUR club and renew friendships that are otherwise not easy to maintain.  We will also be honouring 3 very deserving members of our Association with Awards.

This year, the Dinner will take place on Saturday 24th March, in Lansdowne FC.  Amongst others, we will be joined by the President of the IRFU Philip Orr.  Eoghan O Neachtain probably best known to you as a rugby analyst with TG 4 over many years and who has the added distinction of serving as Press Secretary to three different Taoisigh and Governments will reply to the toast on behalf of the guest!.

As your President, I have represented the ARLB at many functions/events this season. More specifically, the ARLB President has traditionally been invited to the annual dinners of Leinster clubs and has always and without exception being treated as a special guest, and with great courtesy and respect.  Whilst delighted to accept on your behalf, the real “thank you” must go to you.

I thank you in advance and ask if you could email Wayne Sheridan either “YES” or “NO” shortly via (and return your completed Application Form to Denis as appropriate).

Conor Byrne.